Monday, November 10, 2008


Who in the Ypsilanti area would be interested in and affected by swapping a stripclub for a movie theater:
  • Arts groups - the RAC for instance is nearby and may have a stake in this change
  • EMU - could be a nice opportunity for the school to get more involved in downtown Ypsi and potentially have their own student theater
  • the Historic Society - returning the Martha Washington theater to its original look (or close to it) would be a win for them
  • DDA - the downtown development folks obviously have a vested interest in some gentrification of the downtown area
  • Churches - I assume religious groups in the area would support removing the Deja Vu on moral grounds; I'm not sure if they would or could participate in the work
  • Ypsi Police Department - does the Deja Vu affect the crime rates in the city? I don't know. Does it influence our prostitution problem? I'm not sure, but it can't hurt right?
  • Property owners - the Maurers, for instance, own lots of property around there, and a nice attraction like a movie theater would certainly raise property values
  • the City of Ypsilanti - the Deja Vu pays property taxes, therefore they are better for the city in that location than nothing at all; I don't know if the taxes raised from the building would change with a movie theater there instead
  • the Deja Vu - obviously the owners and employees have a major stake here; how profitable is this location for them? could a compromise be reached which would move them outside of the city without hurting their bottom line?
  • Citizens in the community - another obvious stakeholder; is there a desire for change within the community? am I alone in thinking this would be a great thing for Ypsi? What does the wider community think?
These are all i can think of right off the bat, I'm sure there are more.


Local Boys said...

I'm sure if you wanted to pay the owners and the dancers and the city taxes their same monthly incomes for perpetuity they would be happy to sell it to you.

Have you ever heard of a Free Market? Theaters failed there. What is different now than when those theaters failed? Oh DVD's are easily rented at home or just stolen from the internet and you have to pay to park across the street and gas is super expensive.

The VU has been in business there since before Carty's music moved from the corner.
(which you probably don't even remember because you're some kind of nosy-ass transplant who wants to clean up the town and bring up property values.
Good luck after GM and Chrysler go bankrupt.)

The reason The VU stays in business(for decades longer than any theater) is because there is a market!

The reason movies go out of business there is because 2 out of 3 Ypsi pedestrians are crazy and a downtown movie theater would benefit those on foot or bus without a car. The same people that cannot afford a movie experience...especially when they can see the same move for FREE!
I dare you to try discussing grain and resolution with some crazy people in ypsi that don't care while they spit chicken chunks on you and throw foreign money at you like a weapon!
If I can afford a car and gas and insurance, I'm driving to a theater where I don't have to deal with crazy people!
I would only deal with that to see a movie I could see no where else.

You infuriate me.

Instead of being a busybody nosy complainer and trying to end and destroy another person's life-work, why don't you work on creating something besides a blog? Get off your ass from behind your computer and get together some funding and a group to convert the Smith Furniture building into an artsy movie theater that sells a movie, a Pabst, and slice of pepperoni pizza for 5 dollars and looks great as you first enter town from 94.. like the Laurelhurst in Portland, Oregon.

Maybe you can open a Panera Bread and a wireless AT&T store instead that's probably more your style because you're an asshole.

applejack said...

what is your problem? I can't even understand what you're saying here: I shouldn't try to open a theater where the Vu is because nobody wants a movie theater, except if it's in the Smith building and then it'll be huge success?

I guess I need to keep repeating the fact that I have nothing against the Deja Vu stripclub as such. I simply would prefer a movie theater.

This very night, for example, my girlfriend and I are going to eat at Beezy's and then we'll be driving way out of town to see movie.

The free market involves getting groups of people together and starting businesses, which is part of what I am trying to do here. I have neither the ability nor the intention of somehow running the Deja Vu out of town against their will.

applejack said...

And this Laurelhurst theater looks really cool. Kinda like what I would love to have in Ypsi.